I have always found it immensely satisfying to make things and ever since a child I have always had some creative project on the go.

I began my working career in microbiology, but it wasn't long before I traded the lab for a studio and returned to my original love of art.

As a mother of 2 children and needing to support myself, I made the decision to work from home, and established a business making ceramic tiles. Over the years this has grown to include glass, jewellery, sculpture and printmaking.

I love making functional pieces that people can enjoy using in their everyday lives. I like to think these pieces become a part of someones life and continue to enrich and nourish them.

I enjoy experimenting with new glazes, combinations, textures etc, and it is still a thrill to open the kiln and see what emerges from the fire, not knowing if I will be surprised, delighted or dismayed with what comes out. Often it is the unexpected or unbidden result that is the most rewarding and becomes the basis of a whole new series of work or direction of interest.

My natural curiosity of the unseen world, initially sparked by looking down a microscope, has naturally developed into a life long spiritual and personal search, and one that I continue to explore with my art. Concepts of depth, space, stillness, opening and letting go are qualities that interest me as I contemplate what it is to be alive and human.

More recently I have trained as a Psychosynthesis counsellor and work with people using Body Casting as a therapeutic art process. I am particularly interested in working with people who are experiencing burnout and believe that creativity is an empowering approach to this complex issue.

A passionate gardener, I draw much inspiration and delight from the vibrant colours, textures, form and life I find in my garden.