Body Casting: Art for Health

Body Casting is a fun way of using the creative process to explore and transform personal issues and challenges. The end result is an unique and very personal piece of sculpture. It can be adapted to work with many issues, including cancer, chronic illness, burnout, transitions, self discovery or simply commemoration.

The process involves taking a plaster cast of the relevant part of the body and using this to make the sculpture. When the cast is removed it reveals the beautiful landscape of our interior.  Using your own body as the basis for the sculpture is a profound experience for people, and through the strengthening and smoothing process much insight and new perspective emerges, helping to make new meaning of our experience. I assist people to find the images and symbols that express their feelings, qualities, gifts etc, helping them find ways to convey these through their sculpture. 

It is a fun creative process requiring no previous artistic experience, simply a willingness to explore your own truth.

I work with people individually to create their own sculpture, facilitate group workshops, or I accept commissions to make a healing piece for someone. 

I have a particular interest in Burnout and working with people who are dealing with this complex issue.

Individual sessions cost $75 per hour. The number of sessions required to complete the sculpture really depends on the complexity of the piece and is typically anything from 1-6 sessions.

I regularly run small groups meeting 1.5 hours once a week for 5 weeks , cost $25 per session. My studio is not large so numbers limited to 4. 

There is a small cost for bandages used which depends on the size of the cast.  

For further information phone Judith 021 02283363 or email